Chi-Square Example

Using the Chi-Square Test - A Real-World Example

The scenario

From sample data collected, we want to see if any relationship exists between specific products and the color in which they were ordered. The table below shows the number of times each product was ordered in each color. A chi-square test of independence will help to determine whether a relationship exists between product and color.

The data

  Product A Product B Product C
Black 30 40 50
Red 10 58 22
Silver 60 35 10

Entering the data into Maritz Stats

Here, we want to conduct a chi-square test of independence, so we select the homogeneity/independence option.

We want to use the default confidence level of 95%, so we just leave that.

We will need 3 rows and 3 columns to hold our data, so we adjust our tables accordingly.

Finally, we enter each of the counts into the cells provided.

Once we have entered everything, we can click Test! and see the results:

The results are significant at the 95% confidence level, indicating that choice of color is related to choice of product.